Guides & Tips

Most people are shopping for price and rightfully so; therefore just a
quick guideline to help with your budget.

Design is very important due to the fact that you as a consumer pay per
carcass and then you have the option of


Melamine, Wrap , Veneer High gloss square line , Painted

Work surfaces

Granite, Technistone, Ceasar Stone, Travertine etc.



Hinges, drawer runners, handles, sinks etc. (huge variety & accessories)

Everything you design in your kitchen has a price tag – depending on your taste.

The plus is that all Earlstone kitchens carcasses are edge with 1mm and
Earlstone Kitchens only use A Grade board.

So in a nutshell Earlstone kitchens always suggest to a consumer to measure the walls where you have dreamed where you would like your cupboards – then multiply the linear meter with R2700 for floor units and R2700 for wall units.


[Melamine doors 2mm impact colour] and that will give you an estimation of price [excluding work surfaces]. Remember to measure for wall units.

Double your price then for new appliances and any other building alterations, like moving plumbing, or new gas etc.

Common Assumptions “I have a small kitchen, with the perception that it
won’t cost much”

Small kitchen requires minimum a sink, 4 drawers, tray unit, dustbin,
veggie rack.
Medium kitchen you only add maximum +- 3 extra cupboards.


Earlstone Kitchens are committed to make sure the consumer receives the best service, price and quality!